About Us


Tekompass carries a wide variety of brand new product lines from famous brand makers and manufacturers to reach the widest possible range of consumers. New products from DELL, HP, LENOVO, ACER, ASUS, NETGEAR, LINKSYS, LOGITECH, RAZER, GOOGLE are brand names among our inventory list. We always pursue to bring in the most advanced cutting-edge technology products to benefit our customers. Electronic products routinely used in home, office, education and school, research institutes and SMB are regular products kept in our inventory for purchase anytime. Electronic devices and equipment in a wide range from computers (includes laptop, desktop and server), to computer related peripheral products, such as printer, monitor, digital camera, keyboard, mouse, hard drive and headphone, as well as networking products (includes router, mode, smart networking device) are the main categories listed for our customer to consider.

Refurbished Products

Google Chromebook & Chromebox

Our refurbishment process follows the highest industry standards to ensure that the ultimate result coming out of production will be the similar as brand new condition.

Refurbished Products: Any Chrome operating system computers, like Chromebook or Chromebox